Tony Robbins is a world-class motivational speaker. He is known for is super engaging and energy-filled seminars, transforming hundreds of people into their true potential.

 Touring across Britain in 2020, Tony Robbins will be visiting major venues including the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, with the transformational 4-day weekend seminar ‘Unleash the power within’.

He will also visit many others including upw in London. People who attend his ‘Unleash the Power Within’ mega-event, say they leave feeling like their fears have left them behind, adopting a new outlook on life and ready to forge a new destiny for their future, not just in life but financially too.

Let’s have a closer look at Tony, and see how he can change your life forever and reshape your destiny.


Who is Tony Robbins?

For those who don’t know Tony Robbins. Heis an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and America’s #1 Life and Business Strategist. With a career spanning more than 40 years he has touched the lives of millions of people, many just like you. 

With six bestselling books, audio, video and life training programs, he has helped millions of people from 100 different countries worldwide.

Tonny Robbin

Even celebrities say they have helped them overcome difficult situations in their lives. Such people like Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, plus many others. 

Tony has mastered success, not only in life but in business too. He is a brilliant businessman and can give you the keys to your financial freedom. For decades he has personally coached more than 50 million people including some of the world’s topmost experts in their respective fields.

 He is considered by most the world’s number one life and business strategist. If you want to find out more information behind the man please visit here or

How can he help you?

Tony Robbins has helped millions of people worldwide and now he can help you to with ‘Unleash the Power within’ tour in Birmingham.

Using many different methods and exercises, including a fire walk on hot coals, he will confront and breakthrough all your fears and uncertainty.

He will change your life by: 

  • Finding your financial freedom

Tony will help you achieve your financial dreams. By harnessing key strategies of wealth creation so you can thrive in any economic conditions. And live the life of your dreams now, so you can do what you want and not worry about a bank account or work.

  • Create vibrant health

Tony will help you cultivate new habits to live the life you deserve which empowers you with maximum energy, increase your health and peak vitality. Helping you to form new healthy habits and tools for creating the life you were meant to lead.

  • Develop stronger bonds

Tony will help you break through patterns of self-sabotage, fear and the feeling of being stuck. All things that keep you held back from discovering your true potential. Teaching you how to focus all of your energy on what you truly want in life and not your fears

  • Discover your purpose

Creating a failsafe system to make you achieve all of your highest goals, powering you with the utmost passion and enthusiasm for life. Identifying your greatest passion with laser filled clarity

Price and Venue

Unleash the power within is a powerful and life-changing event. Hosted by Tony Robbins he will guide you on a journey to become a better you and live the life you want.

The event itself will break your negative thinking and help you adopt empowering positive beliefs.


 The seminar runs 4 days over the weekend, focusing on building new habits and giving you the tools to help with the ups and downs of modern life.

 Included in the seminar is: 

Day 1: Turn Fear into Power

Thursday, 21 May 2020 

The Firewall Experience

Day 2: Turn Dreams into Reality

Friday, 22 May 2020 

The Power of Success Conditioning

Day 3: Breakthrough to New Life

Saturday, 23 May 2020 

Transformation Day

Day 4: The Power of Pure Energy

Sunday, 24 May 2020 

12 Master Principles of a Vital L

Upw tickets often go very fast so to make sure you get a seat, remember to secure your admission to the event early. You will get a cheaper seat or discount ticket price.

The closer to the event date, the more you will have to pay for your ticket. There are 5 types of tickets available for sale to UPW 2020:

  • Gold
  • VIP
  • Ruby
  •  Diamond
  • Solitaire

For more information please visit us at upw London or upw Birmingham for more details. 


In conclusion, Tony can help melt all your troubles away. He can help you:

  • Breakthrough any fears that hold you back in life
  • Learn how to focus your energy on what you truly want, not what you fear
  • Discover the small steps to create change permanently
  • Get the tools for creating the life you were meant to lead
  • Develop laser clarity in your life and what you want, your ‘why’
  • Develop strong new habits that create maximum energy, amazing health and vitality
  • Harness modern strategies for wealth creation and become unshakeable regardless of the economic situation.
  • Plus so much more!

Create your ultimate breakthrough and transform your entire life in one weekend at Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar and become a better more improved you. Ask yourself, can you afford not too??

If you need any help or want to book a seat please visit upw London or upw Birmingham for more details. 


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