About Grand Cardone

Grant Cardon is a regular host on his usual 2-day sales and marketing workshop tagged Business Boot Camp sales and Marketing. Grant’s extraordinary exclusive event is geared to help business owners increase sales and scale up their businesses. 

The two-day workshop coming up in London between 16th – 17th November 2019 will fill attendees with insights and knowledge that will explain detailed steps of how they can grow their businesses. Cardon will be live to explain and present materials that helped him take his business from a low level to over $100 million in annual revenue. He will be there live to show you how you will put these strategies together by yourself and succeed with your business. Cardon has also promised to show you how he developed a multi-million dollar online sales training tool he calls Cardone University. 

The incredible 2-day workshop where Cardon will be live in London will open your mind to individually create a sales and marketing plan that will help you multiply your sales 10x with a simple trick that you know but don’t take seriously. 

Solopreneurs, small scale business owners will be attending the event as usual, so they can get more of grant’s one on one guidance that has always helped them take their various businesses to the next level of success. 

The beauty of the event is that different company CEOs, sales managers, marketing directors will have the opportunity not only to meet each other but gain more from the new methods that is in vogue that will make their businesses appreciate.  


What you will learn at Grant Cardone’s 10X Business Boot camp

1. Sales tricks and tips: You will be taught how to design your own bulletproof sales process. This sales process will show you how you the best way for you to build a good business sales machine for your business. 

2. Strong and viable marketing technique: this workshop will expose you to how you can build and customize your brand so that your clients can keep coming back and never forget you. 

3. The brand strategy that truly works: you will be taught why persuasion is the key and how you can apply the key to help you grow your business. You will be taught how you can enhance user engagement and inspire your niche to follow your team culture without any compromise. 


Grant Cardone has decided to take a bow at London this November to deliver a 2-day10X Business Boot camp event. For those that are London based and have been looking for the opportunity to meet and learn from Grant Cardone. 10X Business Boot Camp London is an excellent opportunity for you to increase your sales income. 


You are invited to come and grab a once in a while opportunity from a reputable New York times bestselling author on how you can blow up either an existing or new business up to massive levels from Grant. Grant is the one that initiated the 10X Rule and the creator of the 10x movement that has become a worldwide phenomenon. His strategies are what most successful businesses around the world have used to step up their activities. 


Spend two days with Grant in London and be happy for as long as you want to continue to remain in business. The level you are in business does not matter; it may be new or old. This 10x business boot camp will surely change the way you see your business. 


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