How does the idea of doubling your sales in just a matter of 60 days makes you feel? Are you unsure about the future of your business? Do you find it difficult to expand your business in tough financial times?

If you have all these questions in your mind then here is the answer. Grant Cardone’s Business boot camp sales and marketing workshop is taking place on 30th November – 1st December in London, United Kingdom. All you need to do is register for this workshop and see the magic it will create for your business.


Grant Cardone, the man behind 10X your business and life, will help you make a world class sales team that will get you best results in less time with half the work.

Basically there are three components of the workshop which will be thoroughly discussed:

  • Sales techniques

You will get a personalized “Bullet Proof Sales Process” for your business that will help you create the best sales team. Follow-up strategy being the most important aspect will be created for you along with phone scripts for inbound and outbound calls. Grant will enable you to make an instant relationship with your customers based on trust and loyalty.

  • Marketing strategies

In this component of the workshop you will be given best tools of communication that will help you grow your business and make an impact on your peers. The way to celebrity brand your business will be discussed so that you make an everlasting impression. You’ll be asked to make a plan to make your business 10 times bigger and broader with the best possible action plans in your mind.

  • Business development

The big secret of increasing sale volumes and profit margins without cutting your prices will be discussed in this section. You will be able to gather the best talent around the world and create a team culture that no one in industry will have. Get ready to take things 10 times bigger.

Hence there are a plenty of reasons one should not miss this amazing opportunity and must go to this business boot camp in London. Not to forget that Grant’s 10X revenue strategies are already being used by the most successful businesses and there are success stories of startups getting massive sales result because of Grant 10X revenue strategies.

Being the author of ‘10X Rule’ and the creator of ‘The 10X Movement’ that was a huge success Grand Cardone knows what are the fears and challenges of businessmen. He get you answers to all the terrifying questions that you have in your mind regarding your business and the fear of not doing well enough to sustain your business. He is been making normal businesses a success since 30 years and hardly failed in any case.

You got to trust his tools and models to help you reach where you want to be. He has worked with people who had just started off their businesses to Fortune 50 companies build, implement and execute high efficiency sales processes. He has also created education programs that produce predictable, record-breaking results for his clients.

This business boot camp seminar is taking place in London, United Kingdom from 30th November – 1st December and tickets are available on much cheaper prices. There are two options, VIP registration and Executive registration, to opt from while registering for the seminar. Visit this link to book your tickets now.



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