About US

A popular axiom goes thus:the best time to plant a tree is about twenty years ago but the next best time is now. Have you been constantly overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life?Now is the best time for a total and complete change of things, now is the time for the odds to be in your favour, be it in businesses, relationship or leadership.

At discouteventicket, we are poised to helping you bridge the gap as well as fill the chasm that life’s failures,challenges and difficulties have left in about your dry and thirsty souls.

We are determined to catapult you from where you are right now to where you hope and desire to be. Whether it be in your finances, martial relationships, parenting, businesses, sales,leadership, our personnels/staff are armed with the right resources and tools to providing you with the latest info about life changing and uplifting seminars,programs,courses, workshops that will alter the course of your life towards achieving your dreams and desired goals; hence,leading to your overall happiness,fulfillment and success.

We understand that the key to our success has,is and will keep on being our happy,fulfilled and satisfied clients;hence ,we are prepared,willing and able to render trustworthy and excellent services through devotion, diligence, respectability,and by continually focusing on our clients best interests.